Somatic therapy is a body-centred approach. It involves paying close attention to your body – noticing sensations, impulses and internal responses. Your body holds a lot of information and somatic therapy provides a way to access that information. Somatic counselling includes many different techniques that can be used depending on your needs, for example, observing the body, movement, breathing techniques and making sound.

Somatic therapy can be used to help with the same issues that people seek traditional talk therapy for, such as stress management, trauma, depression and anxiety. It can also be used as a way to enhance personal development.

How long you attend counselling will depend on what issues you are struggling with and what goals you set for yourself. Sometimes, when there is a specific issue to deal with, you may need only a few sessions. For deeper issues, you may need to make a longer commitment.

People usually start by attending weekly and then move to attending every second week. In some cases, people may come for a while and then take a break and resume sessions at a later time. Ultimately, you decide when to end counselling.


Hatha yoga, which is the most popular branch of yoga practiced in Western culture. While there are many different styles they are, in most cases, a form of Hatha yoga in that the practices focus on control of the physical body.

Wear comfortable clothes. The community centre has mats. Some people prefer to bring their own mat.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

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